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The Oxygen XML Web Author includes a WebDAV Connector plugin that allows you to connect to your existing WebDAV server and browse or edit files stored on the server.

Configuring the Connector Plugin to Integrate Web Author with Your WebDAV Server

To configure the WebDAV Connector plugin integration, follow this procedure:
  1. Go to your Administration Page.
  2. Select Plugins.
  3. Click the Configure icon next to WebDAV Connector.

    Step Result: A Plugin configuration dialog box is displayed with the following option:
    • Lock resources on open - Specifies whether or not WebDAV files are automatically locked when they are opened. By default, WebDAV files are automatically locked to prevent anyone using another connection to that WebDAV server from changing the file. To change this behavior, deselect this option.
    • Autosave interval - The time interval (in seconds) after which a modified document is automatically saved. If set to 0, the auto-save mechanism is disabled.
    • Enforced server - If specified, the user will not be prompted to choose the base server URL. Oxygen XML Web Author will start from the provided URL when browsing for files located on a WebDAV server.
  4. Click Apply to save your changes.