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Oxygen XML Web Author includes a variety of sample documents that can be used for evaluation purposes. The sample documents can be found in the Samples tab on the Web Author Dashboard. The sample documents are stored on a built-in WebDAV server that uses a file structure on your local computer in the following directory: [WEB_AUTHOR_INSTALL_DIR]/tomcat/webapps/oxygen-xml-web-author/webdav-server. This built-in server can be configured through its plugin.
Important: The built-in WebDAV server is included for evaluation purposes only and should not be used in production. You can disable the server by disabling the WebDAV Server plugin.

Configuring the Built-in WebDAV Server

To configure the built-in WebDAV server, follow this procedure:
  1. Go to your Administration Page.
  2. Select Plugins.
  3. Click the Configure icon next to WebDAV Server.

    Step Result: A Plugin configuration dialog box is displayed with the following options:
    • Display samples - Specifies whether or not the sample files that are included with Oxygen XML Web Author are displayed in the Samples tab on your Dashboard page. If you do not want the samples to be available, deselect this option. This will remove the Samples tab from your Dashboard.
    • Read-only mode - If this option is selected, the server will be in read-only mode and users can browse the repository and open documents, but they cannot save them to the server. They do have the option to download documents to save them locally.
    • Enforce server - When this option is selected, the WebDAV plugin will only be allowed to browse through the files provided by the WebDAV Server plugin.
  4. Click Apply to save your changes.