[oXygen-user] 7.2 on MacBook Pro

Steve Lay
Tue Jul 25 03:16:06 CDT 2006

Thank you for your help - I downloaded a new copy of the installer but it
was byte-for-byte identical.  However, I'm one of the poor unfortunate
souls who has been having trouble with his shiny new MacBook Pro and
something must have gone wrong with the unpacking and installing.  I've
been slow getting back to this thread partly because I've been a disrupted
by these problems (which I still haven't got to the bottom of).

It seems to be working now, sorry for the false alarm.


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At 14:12 +0300 2006-06-26, Sorin Ristache wrote:
>Hello Steve,
>It is possible that the download is corrupted. Please check the MD5 sum
>of your downloaded kit. You can find the correct sum for each <oXygen/>
>kit on the Download page:
>If the MD5 sum of your install kit is correct please try to start
><oXygen/> from the command line by executing the command
>sh oxygenMac.sh
>in the <oXygen/> install folder. Does <oXygen/> start with the script ?
>Best regards,
>Steve Lay wrote:
>> I downloaded 7.2 onto my new intel-based MacBook Pro but when launching the
>> application it quits before anything appears on the screen.  The console
>> says the following:
>> [JavaAppLauncher] application launched with ppc-thin application stub.
>> Using native application stub instead.
>> [LaunchRunner Error] The main class "ro.sync.exml.Oxygen" could not be
>> [JavaAppLauncher Error] CallStaticVoidMethod() threw an exception
>> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
>> 	at apple.launcher.LaunchRunner.run(LaunchRunner.java:85)
>> 	at apple.launcher.LaunchRunner.callMain(LaunchRunner.java:50)
>> 	at
>> Any ideas? - I rather like the idea of getting to grips with the new SVN
>> functionality.
>> Fortunately 7.1 still seems to work OK.
>> Steve
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