[oXygen-user] Finding DTD's in jar files

Sorin Ristache
Fri Jul 21 06:35:29 CDT 2006


The XML catalog is useful if you have to use the same system ID 
(jar://com/iplanet/am/admin/cli/amAdmin.dtd) on different machines 
without changing the DOCTYPE declaration. If you can change the system 
ID specified in DOCTYPE you should access the schema file directly. For 
example if the admin.jar file located in the C:\temp\test folder 
contains the schema file am/admin/cli/amAdmin.dtd you have to use the 

<!DOCTYPE Requests
    PUBLIC "-//iPlanet//Sun ONE Identity Server 6.1 Admin CLI DTD//EN"

Best regards,

Sorin Ristache wrote:
> Hello,
> Use the normal procedure for mapping a URI to a local file path using an 
> XML catalog: declare the mapping in an OASIS catalog, add the catalog 
> file to the list of catalogs used by <oXygen/> (Options -> Preferences 
> -> XML -> XML catalog), restart the application, validate the document 
> containing that DOCTYPE declaration. You can find examples of OASIS XML 
> catalogs in [oXygen-install-folder]/frameworks, start by looking at 
> [oXygen-install-folder]/frameworks/catalog.xml. You can find a detailed 
> example of URIs mapped to files stored inside a jar file on the 
> <oXygen/> forum:
> http://www.oxygenxml.com/forum/ftopic1677.html
> Best regards,
> Sorin
> Sergei Dubov wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> What if I have an xml file declared as this:
>> <!DOCTYPE Requests
>>     PUBLIC "-//iPlanet//Sun ONE Identity Server 6.1 Admin CLI DTD//EN"
>>     "jar://com/iplanet/am/admin/cli/amAdmin.dtd"
>>  >
>> I know which jar file the dtd is stored in. How do I configure Oxygen 
>> to find it there.
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Serge

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