[oXygen-user] Finding DTD's in jar files

Sorin Ristache
Fri Jul 21 04:44:35 CDT 2006


Use the normal procedure for mapping a URI to a local file path using an 
XML catalog: declare the mapping in an OASIS catalog, add the catalog 
file to the list of catalogs used by <oXygen/> (Options -> Preferences 
-> XML -> XML catalog), restart the application, validate the document 
containing that DOCTYPE declaration. You can find examples of OASIS XML 
catalogs in [oXygen-install-folder]/frameworks, start by looking at 
[oXygen-install-folder]/frameworks/catalog.xml. You can find a detailed 
example of URIs mapped to files stored inside a jar file on the 
<oXygen/> forum:


Best regards,

Sergei Dubov wrote:
> Hi guys,
> What if I have an xml file declared as this:
> <!DOCTYPE Requests
>     PUBLIC "-//iPlanet//Sun ONE Identity Server 6.1 Admin CLI DTD//EN"
>     "jar://com/iplanet/am/admin/cli/amAdmin.dtd"
>  >
> I know which jar file the dtd is stored in. How do I configure Oxygen to 
> find it there.
> Thanks a lot!
> Serge
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