[oXygen-user] attrib polulation on DTDless document

George Cristian Bina
Tue Aug 17 05:03:19 CDT 2004

Hi Sean,

Oxygen will perform automatically a learn structure action when you open a
document and use that to guide the editing if a DTD or a schema is not

> I notice when the DocDecl is commented that the docbook xref element is
> inserted as
> <xref></xref> instead of <xref/>

That is because xref is declared as EMPTY in the DTD. The learn structure
action generates a more relaxed model it will consider the xref element
model as (#PCDATA), thus the <xref></xref> after content completion.

> Then I notice when inserting an attribute the inline completion mode is
> populated with the values of all other attributes of that type in the
> document.

Yes, on learn structure the attribute values are also presented.

> This is a great feature, I never saw it before, it save soooo much time.
> why does it not work when the DocDecl is uncommented?

You can switch between the DTD and the learned structure using the validate
and learn structure actions.

Best Regards,
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