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Welcome to the User Manual of Oxygen XML Developer 26.1
Information and resources to help you get started using Oxygen XML Developer as quickly as possible
The requirements and installation instructions for each platform
Description of all of the options that allow you to configure Oxygen XML Developer
The Editor, XSLT Debugger, XQuery Debugger, and Database perspectives
The Text, Grid, , and Schema Design editing modes
General information about features available when working with documents
Details about the various types of supported documents and their unique editing features
The editing frameworks that are supported in Oxygen XML Developer
The custom frameworks that are supported in Oxygen XML Developer
Details about transformation scenarios and customizing various types of output
Information about using XPath Expressions in Oxygen XML Developer
Describes how to use the Archive Browser to work with various type of archives
Connecting to supported databases and integrating Oxygen XML Developer with SharePoint
Information about how to import data from external sources into XML documents
The debugging interface that detects problems with XSLT and XQuery transformations
Information about extending Oxygen XML Developer using the SDK
Information about extending Oxygen XML Developer with add-ons
Specifics about the various tools that are included in Oxygen XML Developer
A compilation of common problems and their solutions
Details about the scripting possibilities that are available with Oxygen XML Developer
Legal information