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Web Author vs. Content Fusion

Oxygen XML Web Author is an online application that leverages the advanced authoring technology of Oxygen XML Editor/Author to bring XML editing and reviewing to mobile devices, as well as desktop systems, from anywhere you have internet access.

Oxygen Content Fusion is a flexible, intuitive collaboration solution designed to adapt to virtually any type of workflow that a collaborative team may use for their documentation review process. Oxygen XML Web Author is integrated into the Content Fusion interface as its online visual editor.

Both products are designed to provide the ability to collaborate with other members of your team, from anywhere, and both have an adaptive and innovative user interface designed to allow you to interact with XML content in the most efficient and productive way possible.

The following table briefly describes the differences between the two products:
Feature Web Author Content Fusion
Tight integration with the CMS Yes No
CMS/File server support
  • Git
  • SharePoint
  • Any CMS with WebDAV interface
  • Any CMS that develops a connector using our API
Any CMS or file server as long as content authors work with local files on their computer or using WebDAV.
For example:
  • Any version control system: Git, SVN, Perforce
  • CMS with WebDAV interface.
Review workflow Can be integrated in an existing workflow Flexible built-in review workflow
Change tracking Supported Supported and enabled by default
Comments Yes Yes
Built-in real-time messaging mechanism No Yes
Reviewers need a CMS account Yes No
Reviewers need an account for the review tool No Yes (can use their company account via LDAP)
Reviewers change the document directly in the CMS Yes No
Available in the SDK Yes No
Built-in storage and revision history No Yes

Collaboration Scenarios

An organization can use both products to solve various collaboration scenarios. Here are just some example scenarios:

Collaboration Scenario: Support Team Corrects a Problem in Published Documentation Using Web Author

The support team notices a problem in the published documentation while offering support to a customer.

Oxygen XML Web Author can be integrated with a repository (for example, GitHub) and the output can be configured to include an edit link and clicking that link would open the document in Oxygen XML Web Author where they can correct the problem directly in the source, precisely at the location of the problem, and while it is fresh in their mind. They could then commit the changes to the repository (for example, submit the changes as a Pull Request on GitHub) so that the documentation team can proofread the changes and easily merge them into their project.

Collaboration Scenario: Documentation Team Collaborates with Subject Matter Expert To Create Content

The documentation team needs to collaborate with a subject matter expert during content creation. For example, they have questions, or want to see if they worded something correctly, or they want the SME to add content (such as a code snippet).

The content author can use Oxygen Content Fusion to create a task with the documents attached, upload it, and then they can simply share a link to the task with the SME. The SME simply follows the link to access the review task in a browser and they use the web-based visual editor to proofread, add comments, and suggest changes. They can communicate with the content author directly in the Content Fusion interface, and when they are finished, the content author can easily merge the suggested changes back into the original documents in Oxygen XML Editor/Author.