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If users are not able to open XML files because Web Author cannot obtain a valid license, there are several things that could cause this issue.

Web Author Connection Details for the License Server are not Configured Correctly

You can go to the Administration Page and select License to check the License Server connection.

Web Author Cannot Connect to the License Server Over HTTP

This problem is linked to the deployment setup that you chose. There are several possible causes:
  • On Windows, there is an anti-virus software or firewall that blocks the connection between Web Author and the License Server. You may need to add exceptions for this connection.
  • Due to the server configuration, Web Author uses IPv6 to connect to the License Server. You can force IPv4 by setting the following System Properties:

    You can also set the address that the server listens for by editing the [WEB_AUTHOR_INSTALL_DIR]/tomcat/conf/server.xml file and adding the address="" attribute to the <Connector> element.

  • The connection passes through an HTTP proxy server that blocks this connection. You can add an exception in Web Author for the License Server using the Proxy Configuration Page.
  • The License Server uses a self-signed HTTPS certificate (or another certificate that is not trusted by default in Java). In this case, you can go to the Administration Page and select Connection to configure Web Author to accept any HTTP certificate.
To gather more information about the problem:

License Server Setup is Incorrect

This might include:
  • The License Server is not started.
  • The License Server is not configured with a license.
  • The License Server is configured with a license for a different product.
  • The version of the License Server is not compatible with Web Author.

Most of these problems can be checked by going to the License Server's administration page.