[oXygen-user] Dragging PDF images into a DITA topic: use image element instead of xref?

Yves Barbion yves.barbion at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 04:06:40 CDT 2018

Hi group

I have my images (vector graphics) in PDF format. When I select an image in
Windows Explorer and drag it into a DITA topic, I see that an xref to this
pdf file is created, as shown in the example below:

<xref href="Graphics/ce.pdf" format="pdf"/>

 Instead, I want to have an image element like this:

<image href="Graphics/ce.pdf" id="image_b3d_gwd_nfb"/>

This is oXygen's behaviour when I drag other graphic file formats (for
example EPS, JPG, PNG) into my editor.

Is there also a way to do this with images in PDF format?


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