[oXygen-user] Dragging PDF images into a DITA topic: use image element instead of xref?

Oxygen XML Editor Support (Radu Coravu) support at oxygenxml.com
Mon Oct 22 01:32:23 CDT 2018

Hi Yves,

Right now the current behavior (inserting links to PDFs) is probably 
better for most users. Unfortunately we do not have a setting for 
controlling this.
I'll add an internal issue on our side and consider adding some kind of 
setting to control how dropping PDFs in DITA topics is handled.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/> XML Editor

On 10/19/2018 12:06 PM, Yves Barbion wrote:
> Hi group
> I have my images (vector graphics) in PDF format. When I select an image
> in Windows Explorer and drag it into a DITA topic, I see that an xref to
> this pdf file is created, as shown in the example below:
> <xref href="Graphics/ce.pdf" format="pdf"/>
>  Instead, I want to have an image element like this:
> <image href="Graphics/ce.pdf" id="image_b3d_gwd_nfb"/>
> This is oXygen's behaviour when I drag other graphic file formats (for
> example EPS, JPG, PNG) into my editor.
> Is there also a way to do this with images in PDF format?
> Thanks
> Yves
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