[oXygen-user] interrupting and restarting an external tool script

Oxygen XML Editor Support (Adrian Buza)
Thu Mar 5 07:23:31 CST 2015

Hello Tara,

How are you running the scripts, what do you use in the "Command line" 
field to start them?

Do you have multiple external tools configured in Oxygen to run the 
scripts and are you running several (different) external tools at the 
same time?
Or are you referring to the same external tool being run multiple times?

Note that you cannot start an external tool a second time while it's 
already running. The RUN icon (blue triangle) changes to STOP (red 
square). So, if you press the button of the external tool again, Oxygen 
will attempt to stop the running process. Another aspect I must mention 
is that if your script spawns other processes, Oxygen will not stop 
those (it doesn't kill the process tree), just the process it knows it 

If all else fails, you can use the Task Manager (or Activity Monitor on 
OS X) to kill the process or even the entire process tree.


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On 05.03.2015 00:18, Tara Athan wrote:
> I use bash scripts to run validation tests and build artifacts (I have 
> an external tool called "build" that simply starts the bash script 
> that has focus in the editor). I have noticed that if I start a script 
> when another is running, there will be a failure of the first script, 
> but then I am unable to successfully start any other script. It will 
> return with error code 0, but not actually do anything.
> Is there a clean way to kill a script that is started in this fashion?
> Thanks, Tara
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