[oXygen-user] [Ann] focheck - Validate XSL-FO and Antenna House extensions in oXygen or standalone

Tony Graham
Tue Apr 14 03:20:49 CDT 2015

On 14/04/2015 07:15, Oxygen XML Editor Support (Radu Coravu)  wrote:
> I added it to a list of public hosted Oxygen plugins and frameworks
> I'm maintaining here:
>> http://blog.oxygenxml.com/2014/11/public-hosted-oxygen-plugin-and.html

Thanks.  Could you, however, change the description to:

Framework for validating XSL-FO with Antenna House extensions developed
by Antenna House


> I also added a small suggestion about adding documentation to the
> axf.rng:
>> https://github.com/AntennaHouse/focheck/issues/3

I got that, thank you.  The models and documentation strings for the XSL
1.1 FOs and properties are generated from the XML for the XSL 1.1 spec,
but the XML for the Antenna House extensions is not as regular, so they
have to be added by hand and, frankly, there's quite a lot of them.

I did say this is a work in progress, and I expect to do one or two 
releases this week with more Antenna House extensions, so people should 
check for new updates regularly.


Tony Graham.
Senior Architect
XML Division
Antenna House, Inc.
Skerries, Ireland

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