[oXygen-user] [Ann] focheck - Validate XSL-FO and Antenna House extensions in oXygen or standalone

Oxygen XML Editor Support (Radu Coravu)
Tue Apr 14 01:15:58 CDT 2015

Hi Tony,

Thanks for sharing the project with us.
I added it to a list of public hosted Oxygen plugins and frameworks I'm 
maintaining here:

> http://blog.oxygenxml.com/2014/11/public-hosted-oxygen-plugin-and.html

I also added a small suggestion about adding documentation to the axf.rng:

> https://github.com/AntennaHouse/focheck/issues/3


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>  XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 4/10/2015 7:19 PM, Tony Graham wrote:
> Antenna House is pleased to announce the availability of 'focheck' as
> an add-on oXygen framework for validating XSL-FO and Antenna House
> extensions.
> 'focheck' bundles a Relax NG schema and a Schematron grammar in an
> oXygen framework for detailed validation of XSL-FO within oXygen XML
> Editor.  You can, of course, also use the 'focheck' Relax NG and
> Schematron outside of oXygen, either together or separately.
> The Relax NG handles structural validation and the Schematron handles
> the additional constraints that cannot be expressed in Relax NG. The
> Schematron parses property value expressions using an XSLT-based
> parser generated by the REx parser generator plus an XSLT library for
> reducing the parse tree to XSL-FO datatypes.
> 'focheck' is available on GitHub at
> https://github.com/AntennaHouse/focheck.  If you want to go straight
> to installing it as an add-on, the Update Site URL to use is
> https://github.com/AntennaHouse/focheck/raw/master/add-on.xml
> 'focheck' is a work in progress. It does not (yet) handle every XSL-FO
> property or every requirement in the XSL-FO spec, nor does it evaluate
> either functions or relative lengths.
> Pull requests and new issues are welcome.
> I will also be talking about 'focheck' at XML London 2015 in June. [1]
> And, of course, thanks go to the folks at Oxygen XML Editor Support for
> helping with some of the issues encountered.
> 'focheck' is open source licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
> Regards,
> Tony Graham.

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