[oXygen-user] Improving usability of bundled FOP

Jirka Kosek jirka at kosek.cz
Thu Oct 10 09:57:26 CDT 2013


quality of FOP improved over the past years and in many situations it's
viable option to commercial engines like XEP and Antenna House. However
oXygen by default provides FOP with its default configuration which is
not that useful for real work.

I see two main issues:

1) Only standard 14 fonts are supported and these fonts are not
containing glyphs used outside Western Europe scripts. With the recent
versions of FOP solution is easy. By using configuration file with
<auto-detect/> directive inside <fonts> element all locally installed
fonts are available to FOP. Users are not forced to register fonts
manually and generate metrics as in a past.

2) FOP doesn't contain hyphenation patterns. They can be downloaded from
(file with patterns is fop-hyph.jar and it's sufficient to put it on a

I think it would be great if future releases of oXygen can contain this
additional library with hyphenation patterns and enable fonts by
providing custom configuration file out of the box.



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