[oXygen-user] [Ann] New maintenance build available for oXygen 14.2 (2013051016)

Yves Barbion yves.barbion at gmail.com
Tue May 14 07:21:04 CDT 2013

Hi George

Yes, I guess I should look into projects some time later. Meanwhile, I have
managed to lose my "project transformation scenarios" even without updating
my version of oXygen XML editor. This is what I did:

   1. Choose Window > Show View > Project: the project
   "simpleLayoutSample.xpr" is displayed.
   2. Choose Project > Save Project As and save the project as scripto.xpr
   in a temp folder (just to test this).

Now, when I open one of my ditamaps, I no longer see my project
transformation scenarios (Help!). All I see are the default DITA Map
scenarios and three global scenarios. Quitting and restarting oXygen didn't

Any idea how I can:

   - Get my project transformation scenarios back?
   - Create a backup of these scenarios so I can safely update my version
   of oXygen XML editor?


Yves Barbion
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