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Thu May 9 08:22:46 CDT 2013

Hello Tara,

I don't believe the rpm is the proper solution for Mac. Besides you need 
more than just the XSV sources go get it running. XSV depends on PyLTXML 
which in turn needs LT-XML.

1. Xcode in order to be able to compile and install LT-XML: 
2. The LT-XML "source" (ltxml-1.2.9.tar.gz) from 
3. The "PyLTXML source" (PyLTXML-1.3.tar.gz) from the same location.
4. XSV "tar ball" sources (XSV-3.1.tar.gz) from 
http://www.ltg.ed.ac.uk/~ht/xsv-status.html (Direct link: 

To build/install everything:
1. Install Xcode.
2. Unpack and build the LT-XML sources. Read the instructions from: 
00INSTALL on how to build and install.
3. Unpack and install "PyLTXML. Read the instructions from: 00INSTALL on 
how to install.
4. Unpack and install the XSV "tar ball" sources. To install them run: 
"python setup.py install". They should be installed in: 
/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/XSV (the Python version may vary)
5. Test XSV in the command line: python 
/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/XSV/commandLine.py </path/to/xmlFile> 
The result should be an XML file with the validation status. There 
should be no other warnings/errors from the execution.

Once you have this running in the command line, you can set this up in 
Oxygen. Go to Options > Preferences, Editor > Custom Validation Engines, 
add a New engine and use:
Name: XSV
Executable path: /usr/bin/python
Working directory: /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/XSV/

In the "Associated editors" add "XML Editor":
XSD: commandLine.py ${currentFileURL} ${dsu}
Other: commandLine.py ${currentFileURL}

In the "Associated editors" add "XSD Editor":
Default: commandLine.py ${currentFileURL}


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Tara Athan wrote:
> I have recently migrated to Mac from Windows, and brought my oXygen with 
> me. I have been having difficulty setting it up to use XSV as a custom 
> validation engine. Are there any oXygen+XSV users on Mac platforms out 
> there who could advise me?
> What I've tried so far -
> Installed Macports, used it to install rpm, downloaded 
> XSV-3.1-1.src.rpm, used rpm to install it, it seemed to run OK with just 
> some warnings, but I can't figure out what it actually did, like what 
> path I should enter into the oxygen dialog for setting it up as a custom 
> validation engine. And the deeper question - is this rpm package even 
> the appropriate for this situation?
> Thanks, Tara
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