[oXygen-user] add xsv to oxygen as custom engine on mac

Tara Athan taraathan at gmail.com
Tue May 7 10:48:48 CDT 2013

I have recently migrated to Mac from Windows, and brought my oXygen with 
me. I have been having difficulty setting it up to use XSV as a custom 
validation engine. Are there any oXygen+XSV users on Mac platforms out 
there who could advise me?

What I've tried so far -
Installed Macports, used it to install rpm, downloaded 
XSV-3.1-1.src.rpm, used rpm to install it, it seemed to run OK with just 
some warnings, but I can't figure out what it actually did, like what 
path I should enter into the oxygen dialog for setting it up as a custom 
validation engine. And the deeper question - is this rpm package even 
the appropriate for this situation?

Thanks, Tara

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