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The built-in XHTML Document type provides the CSSs needed to visually 
edit an HTML file. If an HTML document has it's own CSS associated with 
it, that CSS will be merged with the default ones. But even if you have 
errors in this CSS you should still be able to edit the HTML visually 
because the default CSSs have loaded successfully. You will have a few 
errors when the author page loads but you should be able to see and edit 
the file just like you edit an HTML file from the Oxygen sample files.

You should check and see if your document has matched the XHTML 
framework. To check that go to the Window menu and select Show 
View/Properties. In the properties view check the entry Document Type to 
see which document type was matched with your document:
- If you don't see the XHTML document type, go into 
Options->Preferences... on the page Document Type Association and select 
and edit the XHTML document type. Select the "Association rules" tab and 
add a new rule that will match your document.
- If you do see XHTML as the detected document type, follow the previous 
instructions to edit the XHTML document and select the Author tab. Make 
sure that the option "If there are CSSs specified in the document then" 
is set to "merge them with CSSs from the associated document type".

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Alex Jitianu
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On 07-May-13 2:10 PM, Jostein Austvik Jacobsen wrote:
> I'd like to edit a website in oXygen. The website is based on Twitter 
> Bootstrap. However, the CSS included with Bootstrap is invalid[1].
> I just want to be able to add some paragraphs, headlines, images etc. 
> to the HTML, nothing fancy, but since the CSS files doesn't validate, 
> the Author mode doesn't display anything useful. Is it possible to 
> ignore the CSS errors somehow and just display the HTML as if no CSS 
> files were associated?
> [1] https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap/issues/6398
> Jostein
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