[oXygen-user] MarkLogic and OxygenXML integration

Jakob Fix jakob.fix at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 10:50:09 CDT 2013


We're using OxygenXML to write Xquery files for MarkLogic Server.
We have a transformation scenario that connects to the XDBC server running
on MarkLogic.
For "normal xquery files" this works fine, i.e. I get auto-completion,
parsing and error display and I can execute the file.

However, with "module xquery files" we have a problem:

* by nature, they cannot be executed, and we get a constant error message
at the bottom of the screen E [test-db] XDMP-EVALLIBMOD: xdmp:eval(...) --
Cannot evaluate library module:

* but if we don't link them to the transformation scenario, we don't have
auto-complete and all the other goodies.

Any idea whether that's just a configuration issue, or maybe an RFE?

Thanks in advance,
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