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Fri Apr 19 08:37:38 CDT 2013


Thank you for the feedback.

I have logged your request to our issue tracking tool. This will be 
analyzed and implemented in a future version of Oxygen.

Regarding the highlighting (pinpointing), that will probably have to be 
implemented differently especially since the element that is being 
pointed at may not be visible or even in the same document.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further suggestions.


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Peter Boot wrote:
> Hi,
> When entering an attribute with a pointer datatype, oXygen's content 
> completion suggests the xml:id's defined in the document, and that is 
> very useful. Still, in cases where documents have to contain lots of 
> pointers, editing those pointers remains an error-prone and unpleasant 
> activity.
> Two things that would help:
> - underlining or highlighting the element that the current element 
> points to. The same way that oXygen now highlights the closing tag when 
> I click an opening tag, oXygen could show the element that is being 
> pointed at.
> - a new view which shows all xml:id values assigned in the document 
> (sorted in document order or by value). This will help especially when 
> having to assign xml:id attribute values for new elements. (A 
> self-updating xpath results view would go some way towards this, except 
> that this takes up lots of space on the screen).
> Thanks,
> Peter Boot
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