[oXygen-user] Support for editing xml:id / pointer attributes

Peter Boot pboot at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 17 07:56:46 CDT 2013


When entering an attribute with a pointer datatype, oXygen's content 
completion suggests the xml:id's defined in the document, and that is 
very useful. Still, in cases where documents have to contain lots of 
pointers, editing those pointers remains an error-prone and unpleasant 

Two things that would help:
- underlining or highlighting the element that the current element 
points to. The same way that oXygen now highlights the closing tag when 
I click an opening tag, oXygen could show the element that is being 
pointed at.
- a new view which shows all xml:id values assigned in the document 
(sorted in document order or by value). This will help especially when 
having to assign xml:id attribute values for new elements. (A 
self-updating xpath results view would go some way towards this, except 
that this takes up lots of space on the screen).

Peter Boot

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