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Wed Apr 17 03:57:33 CDT 2013

Hi Wendell,

I've added your vote to implement the "text-indent" feature. I can give 
you an workaround to obtain a positive indent but not one for "hanging 
indent". Nevertheless, just in case someone is interested in a positive 
indent, here is how you can obtain one:

elem {
     content:oxy_label(text, " ", width, 5em);

This rule will add an empty label before the first line of text thus 
simulating an indent.

Best regards,
Alex Jitianu
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On 16.04.2013 17:26, Wendell Piez wrote:
> Hi oXygenators,
> In CSS one is generally able to accomplish a hanging indent like so:
> .hanging-indent { display: block; margin-left: 5em; text-indent: -5em }
> By "hanging indent" we mean that the block is indented from the left
> margin, but its first line is not. This layout is commonly used for
> certain kinds of lists, such as bibliographies.
> But this doesn't work in oXygen Author because text-indent is not
> implemented (as is confirmed by the Help).
> Are any workarounds available? (Yes this is a feature request. :-)
> Thanks!
> Wendell
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