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Wed Apr 24 02:34:06 CDT 2013

Hi Jakob,

I suggest creating a validation scenario that will validate the main 
module. Don't forget to specify the MarkLogic connection as the 
validation engine. Next, associate this validation scenario with the 
module and the module will be validated in the context on the main file. 
The automatic validation will give an warning this time because 
MarkLogic lacks the API to perform a real automatic validation on a 
content not yet committed on the server. But you can manually invoke the 
validation and it will work.

Alex Jitianu
<oXygen/>  XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 23-Apr-13 6:50 PM, Jakob Fix wrote:
> Hi,
> We're using OxygenXML to write Xquery files for MarkLogic Server.
> We have a transformation scenario that connects to the XDBC server 
> running on MarkLogic.
> For "normal xquery files" this works fine, i.e. I get auto-completion, 
> parsing and error display and I can execute the file.
> However, with "module xquery files" we have a problem:
> * by nature, they cannot be executed, and we get a constant error 
> message at the bottom of the screen E [test-db] XDMP-EVALLIBMOD: 
> xdmp:eval(...) -- Cannot evaluate library module:
> * but if we don't link them to the transformation scenario, we don't 
> have auto-complete and all the other goodies.
> Any idea whether that's just a configuration issue, or maybe an RFE?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jakob.
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