[oXygen-user] DITA: @audience = novice or expert

Echlin, Robert Robert.Echlin at windriver.com
Mon Jun 25 11:55:39 CDT 2012

I have constrained, in DITA 1.2, the attribute audience to allow two values, "rtpDev" and "kernelDev".
However, oXygen 13.2 keeps insisting on showing four values.
It adds "novice" and "expert" to the drop down list in the "Attributes" view, and in the list displayed by <ctrl-space>  keystroke.

I don't think the extra words are added incorrectly by my DTD, because:
-  they don't appear in the files my DTD uses (according to grep)
- when I select novice or expert, oXygen very kindly displays this error message:
  - [Xerces] Attribute "audience" with value "novice" must have a value from the list "kernelDev rtpDev"

Any suggestions?

Rob Echlin, Documentation Systems Architect, Wind River
+1.613.270.5796 | Skype: rob.echlin.wr

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