[oXygen-user] Support for Svn 1.7 format working dirs?

Adrian Buza adrian at sync.ro
Fri Jun 22 03:56:06 CDT 2012


Yes, we do have plans to add support for Subversion 1.7 working copies 
in Syncro SVN Client (including the one bundled with Oxygen). However, 
our applications depend on a third party library (SVNKit) that provides 
us the API for the SVN support. Unfortunately, there have been several 
delays in the release of the new version of this library that supports 
Subversion 1.7. Due to the delays and the significant changes that 
Subversion 1.7 brings there was not enough time to finish the 
integration of the new library in Oxygen v14.0. However, Oxygen v14.0 
finally supports SVN 1.7 repositories (just not 1.7 working copies).

The full support for SVN 1.7 (including working copies) will be 
available in Syncro SVN Client 8.0 and soon after in Oxygen v14.1.
If the support for SVN 1.7 is time critical for you and you have a 
support and maintenance pack (in effect) for Oxygen, please contact us 
on our support email address (support at oxygenxml.com) and we will try to 
provide you with the means to use SVN 1.7 working copies as soon as we 
have this support available.


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Barton Wright wrote:
> I installed beta 1 of oXygen 14.0 and ran the standalone Synchro SVN 
> Client. I was very disappointed to see that it still supports no later 
> than Subvesion 1.6-format working directories.
> Are there plans to add support for Subversion 1.7-format working dirs? 
> When?
> Thanks!
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