[oXygen-user] problem navigating through folders in Open option (Ubuntu 12.04)

David Cramer david at thingbag.net
Sat Jun 9 00:00:37 CDT 2012

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On 06/08/2012 11:13 PM, Robert Nagle wrote:
> I'm starting to do more work in Ubuntu (12.04), and I noticed 
> something very strange.
> In the latest versions of Author and Editor both, if I go to File
> --> Open and then navigate down through various directories, I
> frequently get stuck.
> Pressing the mouse once or twice often doesn't appear to do
> anything. Often -- in fact -- Oxygen will wrongly interpret the
> mouseclick as a desire to rename the directory name I am trying to
> dive into.
> Sometimes I need to click the mouse repeatedly and randomly to get 
> into the directory. Maybe it's just a speed/performance issue, but
> I was wondering if other people had noticed this same problem. (I'm
> in Unity window manager with Nautilus). Is there some step to make
> in order to prevent Oxygen from wrongly interpreting my clicking as
> a request to rename the directory?

I also use Ubuntu and have noticed that the open dialog is sometimes
difficult to deal with. I have to double-click very quickly to drill
down and have also noticed the "rename" thing you mentioned. I've
taken to using the arrow and enter keys. That may be a Java thing
because I've seen it in SoapUI too.

On the subject of Oxygen+Ubuntu quirks, you inspired me to mention
something in case others have noticed it or knows something similar:

For several months now (in 11.10 and 12.04), I've frequently (but not
always) had Oxygen's menus stop working when using the mouse/touchpad.
I can still use accelerators (e.g. "ALT+f, o" to open a file), but
can't use the mouse. A side-effect of being forced to use accelerators
is that I'm becoming faster (guess that's why they're called
accelerators). The downside is that when this happens, the
menu-buttons also do not respond to the mouse. I have to mouse, then
use arrow keys, then hit enter (and even that doesn't always work).

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