[oXygen-user] problem navigating through folders in Open option (Ubuntu 12.04)

Robert Nagle idiotprogrammer at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 23:13:28 CDT 2012

I'm starting to do more work in Ubuntu (12.04), and I noticed
something very strange.

In the latest versions of Author and Editor both, if I go to File -->
Open and then navigate down through various directories, I frequently
get stuck.

Pressing the mouse once or twice often doesn't appear to do anything.
Often -- in fact -- Oxygen will wrongly interpret the mouseclick as a
desire to rename the directory name I am trying to dive into.

Sometimes I need to click the mouse repeatedly and randomly to get
into the directory. Maybe it's just a speed/performance issue, but I
was wondering if other people had noticed this same problem. (I'm in
Unity window manager with Nautilus). Is there some step to make in
order to prevent Oxygen from wrongly interpreting my clicking as a
request to rename the directory?


Robert Nagle
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