[oXygen-user] problem navigating through folders in Open option (Ubuntu 12.04)

Adrian Buza adrian at sync.ro
Mon Jun 11 08:35:56 CDT 2012


As David pointed out, the bugs in the Open/Save file chooser dialogs are 
common to all Java applications because they are present in the Java VM 
implementation. We are aware of these problems in these dialogs and have 
tried to bypass them on other platforms (Windows, Mac), but so far we 
have not found a good way to avoid them for Linux. We have logged your 
report to our issue tracking tool.

We have had one other report of such a bug with the menus, though it was 
inconsistent. I've added your report to our issue tracking tool.
This seems to be another Java related problem. I believe it eventually 
went away by using OpenJDK instead of the Java SE 6 RE bundled with 
Oxygen. If you install the OpenJDK JRE on your system, you can bypass 
the JRE bundled with Oxygen by renaming the 'jre' directory from the 
Oxygen installation directory. When starting Oxygen, it will use the JRE 
configured in the JAVA_HOME or the PATH environment variable (in this 

If you encounter any issues when using Oxygen with OpenJDK, I recommend 
going back to the one bundled with Oxygen by renaming the old jre folder 
back to its original name: 'jre'.


Adrian Buza
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support
support at oxygenxml.com

David Cramer wrote:
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> On 06/08/2012 11:13 PM, Robert Nagle wrote:
>> I'm starting to do more work in Ubuntu (12.04), and I noticed 
>> something very strange.
>> In the latest versions of Author and Editor both, if I go to File
>> --> Open and then navigate down through various directories, I
>> frequently get stuck.
>> Pressing the mouse once or twice often doesn't appear to do
>> anything. Often -- in fact -- Oxygen will wrongly interpret the
>> mouseclick as a desire to rename the directory name I am trying to
>> dive into.
>> Sometimes I need to click the mouse repeatedly and randomly to get 
>> into the directory. Maybe it's just a speed/performance issue, but
>> I was wondering if other people had noticed this same problem. (I'm
>> in Unity window manager with Nautilus). Is there some step to make
>> in order to prevent Oxygen from wrongly interpreting my clicking as
>> a request to rename the directory?
> I also use Ubuntu and have noticed that the open dialog is sometimes
> difficult to deal with. I have to double-click very quickly to drill
> down and have also noticed the "rename" thing you mentioned. I've
> taken to using the arrow and enter keys. That may be a Java thing
> because I've seen it in SoapUI too.
> On the subject of Oxygen+Ubuntu quirks, you inspired me to mention
> something in case others have noticed it or knows something similar:
> For several months now (in 11.10 and 12.04), I've frequently (but not
> always) had Oxygen's menus stop working when using the mouse/touchpad.
> I can still use accelerators (e.g. "ALT+f, o" to open a file), but
> can't use the mouse. A side-effect of being forced to use accelerators
> is that I'm becoming faster (guess that's why they're called
> accelerators). The downside is that when this happens, the
> menu-buttons also do not respond to the mouse. I have to mouse, then
> use arrow keys, then hit enter (and even that doesn't always work).
> David
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