[oXygen-user] regression of oxygen 12.2: validation against rnc schema without .rnc extension on URL [RETRACTION]

Florent Georges
Mon Jun 20 06:50:25 CDT 2011

Radu Coravu wrote:


> Actually the specs state that the pseudo-attributes for the
> xml-model  must have the "&" escaped to "&". Here is a
> page linked from the  xml-model specs:

> http://www.w3.org/XML/2009/12/xml-stylesheet/#dt-value

  What I understand from there is that PredefEntityRef must be analyzed as such (and thus decoded) but the characters they represent do not have to be be escaped.  That is: "a&b" must be parsed as "a&b", but you can also have "a&b" directly in the PI's data.

  But I might have missed something, of course.


Florent Georges

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