[oXygen-user] Analyzing Map Validation Logs

Thu Sep 16 16:39:59 CDT 2010

On 2010-09-16 08:53, Radu Coravu wrote:
> We'll also try to add some more checkboxes in the dialog which 
> configures the DITA Map validation options so that users can have more 
> control and uncheck the warnings which are less important to them.

Hi Radu,

That would be useful indeed. I find the feature very useful and it has
helped me spot a number of potential problems quickly, but the output is
full of complaints about keys that are actually working fine.

It seems to work OK when <keydef> elements are used to associate a key with
a file name like this:

    <keydef keys="name-of-key" href="path/to/file.dita"/>

But it doesn't seem to understand that <keydef> elements can also be used to
define variables like this:

    <keydef keys="version">

I use this approach a lot to maintain variable definitions in the master map
file for a project, and then reference them in text like this:

“What's new in <keyword keyref="productname"/> <keyword keyref="version"/>”

When used this way, the <oXygen/> map validation routine complains there's
no file associated with the key, but in this case that's not necessary and
the text is substituted as intended in all output formats.

Should I be doing something differently to please <oXygen/>, or does the
tool need to learn this way of using keys?



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