[oXygen-user] Analyzing Map Validation Logs

Eliot Kimber
Fri Sep 17 09:40:19 CDT 2010

I'm working with the DITA spec source from the TC's SVN repository.



On 9/17/10 5:04 AM, "George Cristian Bina" <> wrote:

> Hi Eliot,
> Please also note the delete button on the right side, it allows you to
> remove some of the presented errors so you can focus only on the
> remaining ones - in your case you can remove the warnings related with
> the @rev values.
> BTW, where did you get the DITA 1.2 spec from? I followed
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/dita/v1.2/spec/DITA1.2-spec.html
> and downloaded
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/dita/v1.2/cd03/spec/DITA1.2-spec.zip
> then tried to open the DITA1.2-spec/dita1.2-complete.ditamap file. This
> refers to learningTraining_elements.ditamap that refers to
> keys-learningTraining.ditamap. This later DITA map file does not exist.
> Do you know where can I get it from?
> Best Regards,
> George
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> George Cristian Bina
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> On 9/16/10 4:27 PM, Eliot Kimber wrote:
>> I did not sort the messages in this case but that might be handy in some
>> cases.
>> Cheers,
>> E.
>> On 9/16/10 1:53 AM, "Radu Coravu"<>  wrote:
>>>    Hi Eliot,
>>> This is an interesting way to filter problems.
>>> Maybe you have also sorted the messages by description and then remove a
>>> part of them from the output view.
>>> We'll also try to add some more checkboxes in the dialog which
>>> configures the DITA Map validation options so that users can have more
>>> control and uncheck the warnings which are less important to them.
>>> Regards,
>>> Radu
>>> Radu Coravu
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>>> On 9/15/2010 8:09 PM, Eliot Kimber wrote:
>>>> I tested the new map validation feature by validating the full DITA 1.2
>>>> spec
>>>> map, which is about as large a map as most people will have.
>>>> The resulting validation large was long and includes a number of messages I
>>>> know I can ignore, or least don't want look at.
>>>> So to focus on specific errors here's what I did:
>>>> 1. In the message result window I right clicked and did "Save results as
>>>> XML".
>>>> 2. Opened the XML file in Oxygen and applied the pretty print to it (so it
>>>> would be easier to read).
>>>> 3. Looked for distinguishing text in the message descriptions I wanted to
>>>> ignore and then used this XPath to find all messages that didn't have those
>>>> bits in their description:
>>>> //incident[not(contains(description, 'subset')) and
>>>> not(contains(description, 'key reference'))]
>>>> This produces a list of<incident>   elements in the XQuery result list.
>>>> I then just selected each search result in turn and it took me right to the
>>>> log message I cared about. I could then use the "Open file at cursor"
>>>> feature to open the file in question.
>>>> Took me about 5 minutes to find and fix about 10 bad links scattered
>>>> throughout several hundred topics and a number of maps.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> E.
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