[oXygen-user] SearchJS transformation?

Cramer, David W (David)
Thu Sep 2 09:29:27 CDT 2010

Hi Radu,
If there's time before the oXygen 12 release, you should grab the latest indexer stuff from the DocBook svn trunk. It looks like the version you have is from earlier in the summer before Kasun added the French stemmer and CJK support.

Also please include the indexer's license in there somewhere :-)


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  Hi Yves,

Oxygen 12 will contain an out-of-the-box DITA to WebHelp transformation.
You can download Oxygen 12 beta and give it a try:
The indexing part of this first version of WebHelp DITA OT plugin is 
done by the same indexer project David Cramer is referring to in his reply.


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On 9/1/2010 5:50 PM, Yves Barbion wrote:
> Hi group (and Radu)
> I have just discovered the TocJS transformation, which gives me a nice
> "Contents" pane in my HTML output. Are there any plans for a "SearchJS"
> transformation which works in a similar way? This would give us a
> "webhelp-ish" output of a DITA map.
> Thanks.

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