[oXygen-user] [Ann] oXygen XML Editor version 12 beta

Stefan Vasile
Fri Aug 27 10:10:04 CDT 2010


We are happy to announce the availability of a beta version of Oxygen
XML v12. We welcome any suggestions you might have after testing the

Note that this is a beta version that hasn't been fully tested yet.
Please report any issues that you encounter during its use.



Please note that the new version 12 can be installed side-by-side with a
previous version of Oxygen.

Test License


Registration_Name=oXygen 12 Beta User



Component=XML-Editor, XSLT-Debugger, Saxon-SA







What's New in Oxygen 12

Version 12 of Oxygen XML improves the existing functionality, adds new
features and, most importantly, enhances the user experience. A lot of
effort was invested in minimizing memory usage and improving general

User Interface

  * Redesigned Project view
The new Project view features a simplified toolbar, an intuitive
contextual menu and a mechanism that synchronizes the selection with the
current edited document. In addition to this, project modifications are
automatically saved.

  * Redesigned Outline view
The Outline view includes filtering support and configuration options
grouped in a drop down list, thus simplifying the user interaction.

  * The New document dialog
The New document dialog combines templates and file types in a single
presentation layout for increased usability.

* Error markers in the Attributes and Outline views
Invalid elements and attributes are highlighted with a red underline
marker in the Attributes and Outline views.

  * Open/Find resource
Quickly locate and open files from the entire project or from the
current DITA Map.


  * Conditional processing
Conditional processing attributes can be easily managed to filter
content in the published output. You can toggle between different
profile sets to see how the edited content looks like before publishing.

  * Code templates
The code templates are available through content completion also in the
Author mode.

  * Paste or drop files in Author
Images or other files can be easily referenced by dragging them into
your document. You can also paste files in the document to create

  * Comment highlights (review)
You can highlight parts of the documents and add them comments.


  * WebHelp output
Oxygen adds a new DITA transformation scenario that converts a DITA Map
to WebHelp, providing a website-friendly presentation of the DITA
content, featuring a table of contents, index navigation and search

  * DITA Map validation
Oxygen provides validation and completeness checking of an entire DITA
Map's hierarchy.

  * Synchronize current topic in the DITA Maps Manager
The selection in the DITA Maps Manager is synchronized with the current
edited topic.

  * DITA 1.2 specific features
New File templates for General Task and Subject Scheme map. Content
completion on keyrefs.

Author API

  * Enhanced Author API
Now the Author API provides support for adding custom persistent
highlights to the document. Set a listener in the API to be notified
when files are dropped or pasted in the Author. Use the API to open an
URL in the system preferred application. A complete API allows other
Eclipse plugins to access pages from opened Oxygen Eclipse XML editors.

XSLT Debugger

  * Output to templates mapping
Navigate through the Debugger Output view to see the template stack
which generated each output fragment.

  * Unified breakpoints
Manage both breakpoints and break conditions in a single consolidated view.

  * Better rendering of node sequences
Sequence/node set atomic values are previewed directly in the XWatch or
Variables views.

Relax NG

  * Better error location for Relax NG
Several error types are more precisely mapped in the editor.

  * Support for a:defaultValue in content completion
The default value specified with an annotation attribute a:defaultValue
is contributed to the content completion proposals list.


  * Mark occurrences
The occurrences of the current component are highlighted. Available for
XML Schema and XSL Stylesheet documents.

  * XProc scenarios support editor variables
Editor variables can be used to specify the parameter values in XProc

SVN Client
Oxygen version 12 comes with the latest Syncro SVN Client improvements:


  * Folding when line wrap is enabled
You can fold XML elements even when the line wrap is activated in the
Text editor page.

  * CSS
Support for the "text-transform" property.

Component updates

  * Updated Saxon
Saxon was updated to version

  * Updated DITA OT
DITA Open Toolkit was updated to version 1.5.1.

  * Updated Apache FOP processor
The Apache FOP processor was updated to version 1.0.

  * Updated Calabash XProc connector
Calabash XProc connector was updated to version 0.9.23.

Stefan Vasile

Stefan Vasile
oXygen XML Editor and Author support

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