[oXygen-user] Where are the transform scenarios stored?

Radu Coravu
Wed Aug 25 01:54:33 CDT 2010

  Hi Steve,

You were already answered by Eliot on the DITA Users List but just for 

In the Options menu you have "Export Global Transformation Scenarios"  
which can be used to export the transformation scenarios to an XML file.
On the other computer you can call "Import Global Transformation 
Scenarios" for the opposite operation.
Here is the link to the user manual:


Radu Coravu
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On 8/24/2010 9:14 PM, Steve Matlock wrote:
> I am currently using Oxygen 11.x on my PC. I need to swap out my hard drive
> &  get a new one. I have a few dozen transform scenarios I've defined. I'd
> hate to have to re-define them all again when I get my new hard drive&
> re-install Oxygen.
> So, I'd like to back them up. There might be an obvious answer, but I
> haven't found it yet. Any help?
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