[oXygen-user] [Oxygen-user] completion for XPath 2.0 functions and keywords in XSLT stylesheets?

Adrian Buza
Wed Nov 10 08:55:52 CST 2010


Actually Oxygen's content completion of XPath in XSLT 2.0 does include 
the functions and axes of XPath 2.0.
Make sure they are all enabled in Options -> Preferences -> Editor -> 
Content Completion -> XPath.

It's also possible that you've found a context that we did not cover, or 
maybe a bug.
Could provide a sample XSLT where this fails to work as expected?


Adrian Buza
oXygen XML Editor and Author support


Lars Huttar wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been writing more stylesheets lately using XSLT 2.0, and trying to
> get into the habit of using the useful new features of XPath 2.0.
> However, I find that it's not as convenient as it could be in Oxygen 12,
> because Oxygen's completion of XPath syntax does not seem to include
> functions and keywords of XPath 2.0. Do you plan to add these soon?
> This is in addition to a feature request I've made previously, that XSLT
> 2.0 instructions be included in the built-in code snippets and in XSLT
> tag completion.
> Regards,
> Lars Huttar
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