[oXygen-user] Selecting/Creating oXygen editor windows

Michael Smith
Wed Nov 3 08:56:51 CDT 2010

Hi Radu,

Thanks for your prompt and constructive response.

>> I would also like to allow the user to send the output to a "new"
>> freshly constructed editor window with an appropriate "untitled #number"
>> name, where the action of "saving" the document would prompt the user
>> for the location to save the file in. There may be cases where the user
>> just wants to view the result, rather than save it to a file. We
>> generally know the type of document that is being generated (e.g. DITA,
>> DocBook, general XML) so could supply this to the oXygen editor creation
>> API, if this is helpful. Any pointers on how this - or something similar
>> - could be achieved would be welcome.
> This cannot be done using the current API for now.
> So you would like something like:
> newEditor(String extension, String xmlContent);
> Is this right?
> Maybe we can improve the API to contain such a method in a future 
> version.
Yes that type of interface would work for us.

A couple of alternative API's for your consideration would be:

(1) newEditor(String extension);
(2) newEditor(String extension, Reader reader);

Alternative (1) would create a new editor with an empty document and 
alternative (2) would create a new editor with a document being read 
from the reader.

In the case of the plugin I am currently developing, I would use 
whatever interface that might be provided in the future to create a new 
editor whose 'final' content was read in from a reader. Here, 'final' is 
used to represent the content shown to the user after the plugin has 
completed its output.

Thanks again,

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