[oXygen-user] bug-fixes in <oXygen/> XML Editor 11.2, build 2010031611

Radu Coravu
Mon May 10 02:09:17 CDT 2010

Hi Mark,

 From the previous emails I've read the conversation was that when 
Format and Indent was performed in Oxygen the "<script></script>" tags 
were transformed to something like "<script src=.../>" which is not 
correctly interpreted by many browsers.
The suggestion was to go to the Oxygen Preferences->"Editor / Format / 
XML" page and check the checkbox "Expand empty elements" to avoid 
problems like this when working with XHTML.
I will also forward you all the conversation which you can also find in 
the Oxygen Users List archive.

Oxygen 12 will have this issue fixed and when format and indent is 
applied to XHTML it will handle empty elements according to the W3C 
specification so no option will be necessary.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>   XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

On 5/9/2010 7:19 PM, Mark wrote:
> Some time ago, I wrote mentioning that my java scripts would not run 
> in <oXygen/> XML Editor 11.2, build 2010031611 and was given the 
> workaround to save my script tags in two rather than one tag:
> <script src=....></script>
> as opposed to <script src=.../>.
> I was told this was a regressive bug and would be fixed. At the same 
> time, I was given an URL to check for bug fixes.
> Unfortunately, my email files have been destroyed and I no longer have 
> that reference. Has this bug been fixed? If so, where can I download it?
> Thanks,
> Mark
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