[oXygen-user] Looking to hire programmer for content-completion customization

Тома Тасовац
Wed May 12 04:31:24 CDT 2010


I am looking for a programmer who is well-versed in Oxygen and various XML technologies to enable server queries for attribute value completion in Oxygen under certain, clearly defined conditions. 


<w lemma="" ana="">word</w> 

-- lemma and ana attributes need to be completed based on what the server returns when queried.

The recommended procedure for this type of work would be like this:

> If you want to search and show the custom attribute values on request when "Ctrl-Space" gets called in the attribute value (which is the way in which Oxygen content completion works) this can be done through the Oxygen Author SDK API:
> http://www.oxygenxml.com/developer.html#XML_Editor_Authoring_SDK
> In order to do this you usually have to define an external document type association for your XML file types in the Document Type Association preferences page. The document type association contains association rules for your XML documents, document templates, XML catalogs + in the "Extensions" tab you can contribute with a Content completion handler which implements the SchemaManagerFilter class. This class contains a method called:
> List<CIValue> filterAttributeValues(List<CIValue> attributeValues, WhatPossibleValuesHasAttributeContext context);
> which can be used to propose additional attribute values in a certain context.

I have written a detailed specification of what I need, together with a sample XML file from which one can test server queries and responses. If you are interested in this type of work, please email me off the list and I will get in touch. 

All best,

Toma Tasovac
Center for Digital Humanities (Belgrade, Serbia) 

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