[oXygen-user] how to install on Ubuntu

Syd Bauman
Mon Apr 19 07:40:33 CDT 2010

Thank you, Barton, David, and Adrian. 

BW> Perhaps there was corruption in your download? 

MD5 checksum matches

BW> [sufficient privilege]

I'm pretty sure `sudo` can do anything on an Ubuntu system:
| root ALL=(ALL) ALL

DL> [java?]

$ which java
$ java -version
java version "1.6.0_0"

AB> e.g. The 64-bit installer on a 32-bit Ubuntu or vice versa.

As soon as I read this I gave myself a dope-slap and yelled "Doh!"

This indeed was the problem. I had just installed oXygen on two
desktop Ubuntu machines that use 64-bit architecture, and was
(stupidly) repeating the same steps, even though the laptop is
32-bit. Sigh. 

oXygen 11 is now running. Thanks again to all!

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