[oXygen-user] Modifying the dita2htmlImpl.xsl file

Steve Matlock
Mon Apr 19 12:51:13 CDT 2010

I realize I'm probably asking for someone to explain the equivalent of
string theory to a high school freshman, but I'm struggling to
understand how to modify the dita2htmlImpl.xsl file so that the
transformed files I get from Oxygen tag the <task> and <concept>
entries in my <composite> files are tagged as "H2" headings and not
"H3" headings.

Example of my composite topic file
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE dita PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA Composite//EN"
    <topic id="MyTopic">
        <title>My Composite Topic</title>
                <othermeta content="en_US" name="language"/>
                <othermeta content="US" name="country"/>
            <p>This is the general introduction to this concept and task.</p>
    <concept id="concept1" conref="../../shared/en-us/concept1.dita#concept1A">
        <title>Concept title</title>
    <task id="task1 conref="../../shared/en-us/taskt1.dita#task1A"">
        <title>Task title</title>

Assuming that this "works" in the transform, I get content where each
concept and task comes in tagged as "H1"  I need these to be tagged
"H2" instead.

I realize that I can use <section> tags to mark sections as
subordinate, but the <composite> type doesn't seem to support
<section> tags where I need them. Conceptually it would be like this:

<title>Major Concept</title>
<concept id="concept1" conref="concept1.dita#concept">

<title>Major Task</title>
<task id="task1" conref="task1.dita#task">

but of course this doesn't work. Also, I would end up getting the
Title from the Section as well as the Task or Concept.

So, do I somehow munge the dita2htmlImpl.xsl file to somehow make
Tasks and Concepts "H2" entries, or can I somehow get the idea of a
subordinate Concept or Task into a Topic/Composite Topic DITA file?

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