[oXygen-user] how to install on Ubuntu

Lee, David
Sun Apr 18 22:21:36 CDT 2010

Not sure about Oxygen but this looks like the error when you try to run
an executable (aka "a.out" ) format as a script.
Also the instructions seem odd.  If this installer includes the JRE then
why would it ask you to set the location of the JRE ?

To find out if java is in your path and where you can do
	which java

If its in your path you can do
	java -version

to find out its version # ...

But ... the error you listed doesn't seem related to J* technology but
rather scripting/exe/os technology.

Just a hunch, but maybe the executables included are not valid for your
version of Linux (??)
That might be why its trying to run the exe as a script ... 

You might try the "All" download setup.
This definitely would require java.  If "java -version" reports 1.5 or
later you should be good to go.
If java is 'not found' or old you may need to install it (you'll need to
go to java.com probably for that ...)


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This may be a FAQ, in which case I apologize, please point me in the
right direction.

Situation: While I like to think of myself as technically reasonably
savvy, I know absolutely nothing about Java, JREs, JDEs, JVMs, or
other TLAs that start with J. (I've never even watched _JAG_ :-)

I'm trying to install oXygen onto an Ubuntu 9.10 system. I downloaded
the "Linux 64 bit (Includes Java VM 1.6.0_16)" .sh file from
http://www.oxygenxml.com/download_oxygenxml_editor.html. The
instructions say "Make sure you have in your PATH environment
variable the correct location of the JRE." How do I know the location
of the JRE?

I tried executing the oxygen.sh command, but got
| :~/Downloads$ sudo sh oxygen.sh 
| [sudo] password for syd: 
| Unpacking JRE ...
| Preparing JRE ...
| bin/unpack200: 1:ELF: not found
| bin/unpack200: 4: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")
| Error unpacking jar files. Aborting.
| You might need administrative priviledges for this operation.
| :~/Downloads$ 

[Note that there is an unprintable character that didn't survive the
cut & paste -- perhaps a U+007F? -- in front of "ELF".] Is this
because I don't have the right JRE in my $PATH
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