[oXygen-user] Applying CSS to basic DocBook transform

Sorin Ristache
Mon May 18 03:19:46 CDT 2009


If you want to apply a CSS to the output HTML you have to set the path 
of your CSS in the parameter html.stylesheet of the XSLT stylesheet 
docbook.xsl. Press the Parameters button in the scenario dialog for 
editing the parameters of the XSLT stylesheet:



Karen Schneider wrote:
> This again falls into the category of "I can do this in xsltproc," and
> I've reviewed the online documentation as well. I'm trying to be clear
> about the process so I can figure out why I can either produce
> unstyled HTML or get the error "could not find a stylesheet in the
> "xml-stylesheet" declaration" but cannot seem to produce a styled web
> page. I've been basing my efforts on
> http://www.oxygenxml.com/doc/ug-author/common-transformations.html .
> * I have an XML file. For simplicity in this test I'm processing it
> with docbook.xsl .
> * I have a CSS file. it appears to be valid.
> * I set up a transformation with docbook.xsl from the XHTML directory
> (I've also tried HTML), uncheck FO processing, select the CSS file as
> my XSL file (which requires toggling to view/all files while
> browsing).
> Now, because I've called the CSS in the transformation, do I or do I
> not place it directly in the XML file?
> Also, should I check off "use xml-stylesheet declaration" in the
> transformation?

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