[oXygen-user] Using doc() with Oracle 10g

Jirka Kosek
Sun May 17 16:45:02 CDT 2009


whenever I use doc() function in XQuery executed by Oracle I'm getting
the following error message:

Engine name: Oracle on localhost
Severity: error
Description: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-19109: RETURNING keyword expected
 - ORA-19109: RETURNING keyword expected

But when I run the same query directly from sqlplus utility, everything

Error is emitted even for very simplistic usages of doc() function like


(where /home/SCOTT/katalog/katalog.xml is path to resource stored inside
Oracle XML DB Repository)

Is there any way how to make doc() function work directly from Oxygen?
Accessing XML content by other means like using ora:view() works corretly.

I'm using oXygen 10.2 and Oracle 10.2.



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