[oXygen-user] Both global- and project-level scenarii

George Cristian Bina
Tue May 5 09:39:08 CDT 2009

Hi Florent,

When you set the scenarios at project level all the current global 
scenarios are copied in the project file. When you move back to global 
scenarios the project scenarios are kept only until you save the project 
file; when the project is saved the scenarios from the project file are 
removed once the scenarios are set to global.

We do not show both global scenarios and project scenarios because the 
initial copy of the global scenarios as project scenarios will cause 
duplicates if we show both. What we plan to do in the future is to allow 
a management of the scenarios, that is to allow to copy scenarios 
between project and global scenarios.

There is also another level of specifying scenarios, the document type 
(Options->Preferences -- Document Type Association). For a document type 
you can specify default scenarios that will appear if the document type 
matches the current file. These are orthogonal with the global/project 
level scenarios and will appear as read only (locked) when you configure 
the transformation. For your specific use case with XSLStyle however 
this approach has a problem because on an XSLT stylesheet oXygen will 
show the XSLT type scenarios while the document type defines XML type 
scenarios. That is another thing to improve in a future version, to 
unify the scenarios and expose the scenario type in the scenario dialog 
(that will allow also to use an XQuery scenario while the current file 
is an XML document for example - right now an XQuery scenario can be 
triggered only when the current file is an XQuery file).

I hope you were able to follow me as the whole explanation got a little 
What you can do now is to make sure you have the scenarios defined 
globally before you switch to project level scenarios to take advantage 
of the fact that the global scenarios are copied in the project when you 
compute to project level.
If you have scenarios for non XSLT files (XML, schemas, etc.) then you 
can define them in a framework (document type) that matches those 
documents and they will be available irrespective of how the other 
scenarios are stored, globally or at project level.

For the future I also recorded as an enhancement an improvement on the 
Transformation Scenarios view (Perspective -> Show View -> 
Transformation Scenarios) to display all the scenarios (project, global, 
from document types) and to allow managing them (copy/move them around).

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

Florent Georges wrote:
>   Hi,
>   I work on several projects within oXygen, all using the project
> level preferences.  But I have several scenarii that I use for
> all projects (XSLStyle, XSpec, etc.)  Is there any way to add
> scenarii at the global level, without impacting current project,
> and being usable in all projects?
>   If I select "global scenarios" in the "configure transformation
> scenarios" action, I get the following warning:
>     The scenarios will be cleared from the <oXygen/> project file
>     when you save the project.
>   Regards,

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