[oXygen-user] Both global- and project-level scenarii

Florent Georges
Wed May 6 15:41:13 CDT 2009

George Cristian Bina wrote:

> I hope you were able to follow me as the whole explanation
> got a little complicated.

  Yes, I think so (thanks for the detailed explanation.)  As the scenarii are already project-specific, I have no other option but to recreate them for each project that need them.

> For the future I also recorded as an enhancement an
> improvement on the Transformation Scenarios view
> (Perspective -> Show View -> Transformation Scenarios)
> to display all the scenarios (project, global, from document
> types) and to allow managing them (copy/move them around).

  That would be very useful I think.  That's maybe the opportunity to add an import/export scenario feature as well?  That would enable one to exchange scenarii between different computers, to share them on a blog or to deliver them with an XSLT library for instance (if they could encapsulate extension JARs as well... :-p)


Florent Georges


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