[oXygen-user] Embedding transform history in oXygen output

Sorin Ristache
Fri Jun 12 07:14:27 CDT 2009


I think such DocBook metadata should be added inside the <info> element. 
An element <author> like the following can be added as child of <info> 
for each author/contributor:

    <contrib>Added intro chapter. Edited with Oxygen and transformed 
with the built-in DocBook XSL 1.75.1.</contrib>


Karen Schneider wrote:
> Hi all, thanks again for all the help several weeks ago. Demo'ing
> oXygen in a project-wide DocBook documentation planning session was
> very useful.
> I am wondering if there is a way to automatically embed information
> about transformation history into HTML generated by oXygen. I'm
> thinking about chapters and articles, etc. produced by a distributed
> volunteer force where an editor upstream may have questions about the
> XSL stylesheet version, the date the file was produced, etc. I am
> thinking this metadata would probably work best as hidden comments.
> We can (and probably should) use our forthcoming style manual to
> require inserting this information regardless of the method of
> production, and enforce usage through the usual methods (bribes,
> pleading, public floggings, etc.); not everyone will be using oXygen,
> and some may be using batch files that effectively serve the same
> purpose. But I can see where downstream it would be useful to generate
> as much of this automatically as possible.

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