[oXygen-user] Embedding transform history in oXygen output

Sorin Ristache
Fri Jun 12 07:34:07 CDT 2009


In Oxygen the contributors can enforce the author elements with a schema 
that validates the document. The author element is optional in the 
DocBook schema but you can create an additional schema that checks the 
conditions that you want, for example a Schematron schema and validate 
the DocBook document with both schemas: the DocBook schema and your 
additional schema.


Karen Schneider wrote:
> We can (and probably should) use our forthcoming style manual to
> require inserting this information regardless of the method of
> production, and enforce usage through the usual methods (bribes,
> pleading, public floggings, etc.); not everyone will be using oXygen,
> and some may be using batch files that effectively serve the same
> purpose.

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