[oXygen-user] Embedding transform history in oXygen output

Karen Schneider
Fri Jun 12 06:20:15 CDT 2009

Hi all, thanks again for all the help several weeks ago. Demo'ing
oXygen in a project-wide DocBook documentation planning session was
very useful.

I am wondering if there is a way to automatically embed information
about transformation history into HTML generated by oXygen. I'm
thinking about chapters and articles, etc. produced by a distributed
volunteer force where an editor upstream may have questions about the
XSL stylesheet version, the date the file was produced, etc. I am
thinking this metadata would probably work best as hidden comments.

We can (and probably should) use our forthcoming style manual to
require inserting this information regardless of the method of
production, and enforce usage through the usual methods (bribes,
pleading, public floggings, etc.); not everyone will be using oXygen,
and some may be using batch files that effectively serve the same
purpose. But I can see where downstream it would be useful to generate
as much of this automatically as possible.

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