[oXygen-user] Topicref Insertion Feature Request: Recognize Maprefs Vs. Topicrefs

Radu Coravu
Tue Jul 21 01:14:26 CDT 2009

Hi Eliot,

I understand the use case (switching between inserting a topic and a map).
We could look at the extension for example and determine that a 
referenced file is a DITA map.
I added some comments below to some things I did not understand:

Eliot Kimber wrote:
> One side effect of the new behavior I requested whereby the topicref
> insertion dialog remembers the last topicref type used is that if you insert
> a map reference and then insert a topicref, you'll get a mapref by default,
> which is never right.
> Would it be possible for the insertion dialog to look at the type of the
> target, once it is selected, and select the first topicref that specifies a
> value for format that matches the target type if the currently-selected type
> isn't appropriate?
Are you referring to the "Element name" combo? So that based on the 
target file both the "Format" and the "Element name" combo could be 
populated with defaults?
> That is, given that I last inserted a topic and I select a map, see if there
> are any available topicref types that specify format="ditamap" and, if so,
> select the first one. For DITA 1.2 there will usually be at least <mapref>
> in the default map shell doctype.
What do you mean by "topicref types"?
I am not familiar with DITA 1.2.
Does <mapref> specify some default attributes in the DTD so that it can 
be identified as pointing always to dita maps?
> If I last inserted a map and I select a topic and the currently-select
> topicref type specifies format="ditamap", select either the first topicref
> type in the list, or more usefully, the last-used topicref-to-a-topic type.
> That is, if the insertion dialog can select a good default for refs to maps
> and topics and remember the last type used for each type of reference, it
> would have the effect of making the insertion dialog select the
> mostly-likely-to-be-right topicref type regardless of whether I'm inserting
> a map or topic.
> Cheers,
> E.


Radu Coravu 
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

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